I'm Thomas Lee - Business strategist, business coach and entrepreneur. My goal and passion: to help your business thrive, build financial independence and find purpose and passion in this journey called life.

I do this by sharing my profession insights on marketing, business strategy, and one my life's passions: personal development. I've helped optimize the impact of numerous organizations, helping them maximize their message, value, and create a raving fan culture.

You'll benefit from my business expertise; I've served boutiques to high end chain retailers all over the world for over a decade through our family fashion jewelry business from the heart of New York City. Now I consult, coach, and blog on business development and strategies.

My career has been spent in the constant challenging worlds of finance, fashion and entrepreneurship.

Born in Texas and raised in New Jersey, I grew constantly building figures with Legos and drafting up blueprints of furniture arrangements for the room that I shared with my brother for maximum efficiency (well mainly to keep the clutter on his side of the room). With these hobbies, my initial career goal was to become an architect for one of the top 5 firms in NYC.

While I didn’t end up draft up and design One World Trade Center, my early childhood hobbies of building and blueprinting has been integral in helping businesses on optimizing systems, creating a map from where they are to where they want to be and coaching their vision into reality.

Broad Perspectives.

Upon completing my Bachelors, I started my career in the world of finance, which gave me key insights on risk management and building wealth. Working for a private lender provided the blessing of outside thinking and coming up with creative solutions to help the borrower from where they were to where they wanted to be upon completion.

This is where my entrepreneurial journey started. I learned the basics on risk management, building towards wealth, creative problem solving, and strategy mapping.

Finance to Family Business.

Initially, I never intended to get into the family business. I was happy at my finance position with a decent work-life balance; however, deep down I wanted a deeper challenge and build upon what my parents built for my brother and me.

Forget about getting your feet wet and let’s talk about getting thrown into the deep end of the pool on day 1.

Trial and Error were my lessons and Getting Back Up was my mindset.

From Family Business to consultant.

While continuing the family business, I found a new purpose and passion to serve my clients and help grow their businesses through consulting. Witnessing the growth of my client's businesses and creating a lifelong relationship with my client are the key reasons for my walk into this consulting journey. I get the opportunity to share a wealth of experience and strategies to serve growth for your company.

Let's set up a time to share and walk you through on how to grow your business through these challenging times.

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